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Dubai Essential Oil – ORANGE

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Dubai Essential Oil – ORANGE by Evodia Perfumes is a vibrant, eco-friendly fragrance oil that combines sweet, tangy, and zesty notes of oranges. Its lively aroma is refreshing and uplifting, perfect for scent diffusers. Enjoy the invigorating essence of freshly squeezed orange juice with every use.

  • MSDS.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Top Notes: Orange, Bergamot, Lemon/Mandarin.
  • Heart Notes: Neroli, Pettit Grain, Cardamom, Black Pepper.
  • Base Notes: Amber, Cedar/ Sandal Wood, Musk, Herbal Notes.

Dubai Essential Oil – ORANGE | Fragrance Oil UAE | Evodia

Experience the vibrant essence of Dubai with our Dubai Essential Oil – ORANGE. This fragrance oil is meticulously crafted to deliver a sweet, tangy, and slightly zesty aroma that uplifts and energizes your surroundings. Perfect for scent diffusers, it fills your space with the invigorating scent of freshly squeezed oranges, evoking a sense of freshness, vitality, and positivity.

Fragrance Profile

Immerse yourself in the intricate fragrance of Dubai Essential Oil – ORANGE, where vibrant citrus top notes of Orange, Bergamot, and Lemon/Mandarin greet your senses with refreshing zest. As the scent unfolds, delicate Heart Notes of Neroli, Pettit Grain, and a hint of Cardamom intertwine, adding a subtle spice that deepens into the warm embrace of Black Pepper. Anchoring this olfactory journey is rich Base Notes of Amber, Cedar/Sandal Wood, Musk, and Herbal nuances, leaving a lingering, nuanced trail that captivates with every breath.

How to Use

Experience the full benefits of Dubai Essential Oil – ORANGE with these simple steps:

  1. Add to Diffuser: Pour a few drops into your scent diffuser.
  2. Adjust Intensity: Customize fragrance intensity by adjusting the number of drops.
  3. Activate Diffuser: Turn it on to release the vibrant aroma.
  4. Enjoy: Relax and indulge in the refreshing ambiance created by the essential oil.


Attribute Details
Product Name Dubai Essential Oil – ORANGE
Brand Evodia
Eco-Friendly Yes
Top Notes Orange, Bergamot, Lemon/Mandarin
Heart Notes Neroli, Pettit Grain, Cardamom, Black Pepper
Base Notes Amber, Cedar/Sandalwood, Musk, Herbal Notes
Usage Ideal for scent diffusers
Fragrance Type Vibrant, Refreshing, Uplifting
Packaging Eco-friendly materials
Safety Complies with MSDS standards


  • Eco-Friendly Composition: Crafted with sustainability in mind, ensuring an environmentally conscious choice.
  • Vibrant and Uplifting Fragrance: Infuses spaces with a lively blend of citrus and spice, creating a refreshing atmosphere.
  • Multi-layered Scent Profile: Offers a rich and evolving aroma experience, from citrusy freshness to warm, woody undertones.

Eco-Friendly Luxury

At Evodia, we prioritize eco-friendly practices in every product, including Dubai Essential Oil – ORANGE. Our commitment to sustainability ensures you can enjoy our fragrances guilt-free, knowing you’re making a responsible choice for the planet.

The Essence

Experience the essence of Dubai’s vibrant culture and freshness with Evodia’s Essential Oil – ORANGE. Whether at home or in the office, this fragrance transforms any space into a lively and inviting environment.

Transform Your Environment

Enhance your surroundings with the refreshing and energizing aroma of Dubai Essential Oil – ORANGE. Perfect for any setting, this essential oil uplifts moods and enhances well-being with its invigorating scent.


Embrace the vibrant and refreshing essence with our Dubai Essential Oil – ORANGE by Evodia Perfumes. Perfect for scent diffusers, this eco-friendly fragrance oil offers a complex and uplifting aroma that will invigorate your space. Whether you want to enhance your home, office, or any other environment, this essential oil is the ideal choice for creating a positive and lively atmosphere.

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